Go Green: Foldable Solar Panel with Powerbank

If you are looking for a real portable solar solution, Go Green is for you.

Go Green features 4 higly efficient solar panels that absorb and convert sunlight to the power you need for all your devices daily.

It also comes with a wireless 10000mAh  power bank that reserves the solar to charge your gadgets when there is insufficient sunlight (for example at night).

The power bank offers Qi Wireless and  USB charging to a maximum of 3 devices simultaneously.

Go Green is foldable, portable and weather-resistant, designed to charge while you are on the move.


Go Green is made with high-quality monocrystalline solar panels from SunPower using an innovative Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar cell technology to achieve higher efficiency of up to 25{be7617d5d0e92433bf7e8d95c06e546aa69b474e58b9b29a9081b5819fbffac3}, which makes Go Green capable of providing up to 30{be7617d5d0e92433bf7e8d95c06e546aa69b474e58b9b29a9081b5819fbffac3} more power compared to traditional cells.

It is powerful enough to harness solar energy with  diminished sunlight.

Go Green comes with a 10000 mAh power bank which can be fully  charged through the solar panels at a total of 10W in about 5~5.6  hours. A numeric indicator shows the battery life remaining.

You can  leave Go Green  on the windowsill while you are doing other tasks, on  the dash of the car, on the ground, or over the backpack when you are enjoying outdoor activities.

During night you can always keep your devices charged using the power bank.

You can preorder Go Green now on Kickstarter