Go Green: Foldable Solar Panel with Powerbank

If you are looking for a real portable solar solution, Go Green is for you. Go Green¬†features 4 higly efficient solar panels that absorb and convert sunlight to the power you need for all your devices daily. It also comes with a wireless 10000mAh ¬†power bank that reserves the solar to charge your gadgets when […]

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Review

If you’re one who is constantly on the move and dependent on a variety of techno-gadgets to keep your life running smoothly, than these backpacks are for you. Voltaic solar backpacks charge virtually any and every handheld electronic device. These solar bags are equipped with a removable battery pack which will store any surplus power […]

Solar Powered Air Conditioners

WHAT IS SOLAR ENERGY? With the broadcast of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, the issue of global warming had escalated to unprecedented heights. These days, nearly all consumers are at least aware of global warming, and with the media’s push to “go-green”, many are now turning that awareness into constructive lifestyle changes. One of the […]

Solar Air Conditioning Has a Future in Your Home

Solar air conditioning is a lesser known solar energy application, but one that has potential for widespread use. Using solar heat to cool a home may seem like a contradictory enterprise but nevertheless has several possible uses in today’s homes, most notably those located in arid climates such as deserts. There are both active (using […]

Solar Heat Energy For Air Conditioning Purposes

The energy resources of the world are depleting fast with the decrease in fossil fuel reserves. These sources of energy have caused a considerable damage to the environment and are among the chief reasons for global warming. As a result, a number of alternative energy sources have emerged and more and more people are turning […]

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Solar energy, obviously is the science of attaining beneficial energy from the sunlight. The power of the sun has already been repeatedly utilized (and maximized) by science and technology for centuries. And there’s no reason why it should not be applicable even today. The thought that all of our energy comes from light of the […]